Monthly Archives: September 2009

Introducing research assistant Luke

Luke Keloi is our other new research assistant on Eselenkei, working with Leela Hazzah investigating lion killing and local attitudes towards predators for her PhD. Luke worked as a community teacher in various schools before pursuing a diploma course and has also undertaken refresher courses in wildlife management and environmental studies. Luke has carried out […]

Meet wildlife expert Lenkai

Lenkai Nkiinti is one of our new research assistants on Eselenkei Group Ranch. He is working with Stephanie to understand the behavior of lions and hyenas on the group ranches and their conflict with people for her PhD and the Living with Lions research. Lenkai symbolizes a typical Maasai moran (warrior) with immense tracking skills […]

Introducing Stephanie!

Hello everyone! This is Stephanie (or Naasha as I am called in Maasai meaning ‘rain’). I am a project biologist for Living with Lions, currently working and living in Eselenkei Group Ranch, covering this area as well as Olgulului Group Ranch. Previously I was living and working in Mbirikani Group Ranch but since early 2009 […]