Monthly Archives: October 2009

The day the sky turned brown

In an attempt to solve the mystery of which lone female lion had left tracks below Safaricom Hill, Lion Guardian Pilenanka and I drove to the top of the hill for some telemetry tracking. From our vantage point and one of Mbirikani Group Ranch’s stunning locations, we could see patches of rain falling in the […]

A stubborn girl in her teens!

The second lioness to be collared in Eselenkei Group Ranch was Selenkay. Selenkei is a Maasai name for a ‘stubborn girl in her teens’. During her collaring, Selenkay captivated our Lion Guardian team with her beauty, and calm and peaceful nature.   Considered a member of the Tara pride, Selenkay seems the most adventurous member of […]

She who comes first…

Nasieku is the beautiful yellowish female lioness of the Tara pride, with broad shoulders. She is definitely the most aggressive member of the pride. She was named Nasieku, a Maasai name meaning “She who comes first”, because of the frequency in which she charges at our Lion Guardians! With a beautiful spotted pattern which is the trade mark of […]

A stunning male lion

The most beautiful, admirable and valuable member of the Tara pride is unmistakable – an iconic male African lion with a thick ruff of yellow long hair around his face and neck with masses of black hair covering his chest and back. He is the most secretive, elusive and shrewdest lion to ever live in Eselenkei […]

Meet female collared lion Nosieki

Nosieki was the first lioness to be collared on Eselenkei Group Ranch. She is a resident lioness in this Group Ranch and several people can attest to her presence in the area over the years as she is very distinct due to her lack of a tail tip, long figure, and many spots. Deriving her […]

Introducing Kylie!

Hello!  My name is Kylie, or Esupat if you prefer my new Maasai name which means ‘the mama with a good heart who helps everybody’ (or possibly in reality, the BIG SUCKER who can’t refuse to help anyone!). I’m the new Living with Lions project biologist on Mbirikani Group Ranch, doing much the same sort […]